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High Availability Solutions

One of the many challenges facing companies that are developing their own web infrastructure is deciding which hardware systems to implement.  Today’s web infrastructure designs are increasing in their complexity and variability. At SVWH our goal is to add value by working closely with our clients to ensure compatibility amongst systems, optimize performance, and minimize expenses.

SVWH High Availability Solution options include: 

Sample of a High Availability Hosting Solution showing the potential design elements

Sample of Advanced Hosting Solution

SVWH provides all the configuration tools necessary to create your own customized High Availability Solution. You can configure and purchase a complete High Availability Solution online yourself or we can work with you to develop the optimal solution that is uniquely suited to your requirements.

If you would like to create your own High Availability Solution begin by configuring your dedicated servers and adding them individually to your shopping cart. When configuring your dedicated web, application, database, and storage servers you can choose shared services, such as Firewall services or Server Load Balancing services. Alternatively, you can separately configure dedicated firewall and server load balancer appliances and add them individually to your shopping cart. 

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