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Console Access Service


Silicon Valley Web Hosting's Console Access service provides console access to your server from anywhere you can get connected to the web. This is an invaluable service for server administrators who need frequent console access, and it allows for quick action in emergency situations by dramatically reducing server downtime.

Out-of-band, serial port access:
In the event of a TCP/IP stack failure you still have access to the server via the serial port. If your server locks up you can access it remotely at the root-level - to reboot or stop processes

Immediate emergency access:
In emergency situations, you can get at the problem immediately, without having to wait for SVWH support personnel to respond.

Reduced downtime:
Using the SVWH Console Access service in combination with SVWH's Server Monitoring service you will drastically reduce the time of most server outages.


Console Access Service Pricing:

$5.00/month (per server)
$10.00 set-up fee

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