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IP Justification

Justification and Usage

Silicon Valley Web Hosting will continue to provide a minimum of 2 IP addresses to each server. In an effort to maintain organization within our network, a justification list attached to your additional IP address requests is now mandatory before we release them for your use. The cost will continue to be $1/mo. per IP address.

Silicon Valley Web Hosting respects the need for IP addresses within a hosting environment and makes all reasonable efforts to provide IPs to those in need. While trying to maintain the needs of all customers involved, a number of policies are in place to insure fair distribution of IP Address Space.

Technically, the only need for IP addresses at this point is giving your customers the ability to use a private SSL certificate or establishing Virtual Name Servers. Additionally when providing Virtual Name Servers, these IP's can still be used for hosting websites without loosing any functionality. VHOSTS which are used for IRC services are not considered justifiable IP addresses.

No more than 32 IP Addresses will be distributed at a given time.

Silicon Valley Web Hosting discourages the use of IP addresses for single website hosting; technically servers that are configured correctly have the ability to host multiple websites on a single IP address without loss of performance or features. Silicon Valley Web Hosting will from time to time request justification of IP Addresses. Failures to provide IP Address information upon request will result in the revocation of the allocated IP address space you have been provided.

Just as we are asking of you, Silicon Valley Web Hosting must maintain justification to our upstream provider and will maintain a fair policy so that all customers that have technical needs for IP addresses will have the opportunity to use them.

Unauthorized use of non-assigned IP Addresses

Silicon Valley Web Hosting provides IP address space to many customers, this space is provided on a server by server basis. When adding IP addresses to servers it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure accuracy and add only the specific IP addresses assigned to them. When IP addresses are added that are not specifically assigned this can cause downtime for other customers. When this occurs Silicon Valley Web Hosting is held responsible by the customers that are affected. The following actions will take place if you put IPs on your server that are not authorized and assigned.

  • The server will be disabled until contact is made with the System Administrator.
  • A $100 labor fee will be applied to your account.
  • If 2nd offense occurs your dedicated server will be immediately cancelled without refund.

To add IP addresses to your server please contact

If you have questions about these policies please e-mail

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