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Server Load Balancing

Silicon Valley Web Hosting’s Server Load Balancing Service monitors vital statistics on servers - such as application availability and server load - and dynamically directs traffic to the optimal server, for controlled traffic management and maximum performance.

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  • Supports both TCP- and UDP-based Internet protocols.
  • Traffic routing rules can be based on the requesting URL, directory, cookie value, browser type, or other information in the web request.
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Loadbalancing Methods :
  • Least Connections
  • Fastest Response
  • Round Robin
  • Weighted Round Robin
  • URL hashing
  • HTTP header


  • Provides server load balancing and content switching for web, application, streaming media, FTP, email, and other types of IP-based servers and services using application-aware (Layers 5-7) traffic routing rules.
  • Allows web sites and web services to be scaled to allow virtually unlimited growth by adding additional servers to process web requests.
  • Hardware-based content switching operates at wire-speed for optimal performance and scalability.
  • Facilitates fault-tolerant operation of web sites, services, and applications by automatically directing traffic away from failed servers.
  • Server selection can be based on a variety of resource availability methods, including site and server loads, application content availability, flow duration, and geographic proximity.

Session Persistance Policies

  • Source IP
  • Source Hash
  • SSL-ID
  • VIP
  • Port
  • Cookie

Health Checks to verify server operation at the application layer

  • ICMP Monitoring
  • TCP Connection Monitoring
  • DNS Health Checking
  • Active Content Verification
  • Cache Health Checking
  • Scriptable Health Checks
  • Real Server Status Reporting


Shared Loadbalancer Pricing: Dedicated Loadbalancer Pricing:  
$49/month (per server)
$99/month (per VIP)
$99 set-up fee (per VIP)
Brocade ServerIron FCSLB16+2GE
Brocade ServerIron 4G
Brocade ServerIron 4G-PREM (Layer 3)
$400/month ($200 set-up fee)
$750/month ($400 set-up fee)
$1,250/month ($500 set-up fee)


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