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Managed Back-up Service

To provide redundancy in the case of a hard drive failure a server must have multiple hard drives that are set-up in a RAID configuration. While this does provide for hard drive redundancy, it does not guarantee data integrity. Silicon Valley Web Hosting offers Network Attached Storage managed back-up services for this purpose. By purchasing NAS storage space on our highly redundant storage servers you can create secure storage partitions to restore from in the case of file corruption.  If file corruption does occur you can go back one day at a time until you find a clean data set to restore from. You can go back several days, or even weeks, depending on how much space you have available for back ups. To achieve the most efficient use of your available storage space we recommend you allow us to set up your back-up regime so only incremental back-ups are added to your base data set. If for instance you have 7 days of back-ups, then the 7th day is a full back-up and each of the remaining days are incremental back-ups. As an example, if your full back-up takes up 10GB, the 6 other days of incremental back-ups will most likely take up 1 or 2 GB of space at most.

Managed Backup ($.15/GB)

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