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Managed Linux Server Package

When companies need to focus on their core business activities, our Managed Linux Service allows you the freedom to work on increasing your organizations revenue without the added worry of monitoring and maintaining your site. Silicon Valley Web Hosting’s managed solutions offer you complete administrative control over your content, while our experienced services team monitors and manages the hardware, Internet access, operating system, Apache, Php, Mysql, and overall server security.

Some of the benefits of using our Fully Managed Services are:

  • Cost Savings: We carry the majority of capital expenditures and provide all the technical support you will need, allowing your business to allocate resources to areas other than IT.
  • Customization: Flexibility to completely customize your server with installation support for custom-written applications, mailing lists, and advanced monitoring programs.
  • Security: All of our managed hosting solutions are equipped with complete security solutions that meet the strictest security requirements.
  • Support: At Silicon Valley Web Hosting, we cater to Internet professionals who need a hosting partner that can create cost effective customized solutions for them fast. We are always available to talk with you directly about your specific needs.
  • 24/7/365 support and an unconditional 100% uptime guarantee: If your site goes down, we issue a credit you back with 5% of the monthly fee for each 30 minutes of downtime, up to 100% of your monthly fee.

Monthly Fee: $100/month

With SVWH’s Server Management Services you can outsource your server management knowing that you are being supported by highly qualified server administrators while also reducing your organization’s expense overhead. Your server will be monitored 24 hours per day, tuned properly to run at top performance, and be secure.

SVWH Fully Managed Services packages include:

  • Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, and Infrastructure architecture services
  • Server performance tuning recommendations
  • Hard/Soft Reboots
  • Auto O/S updates and patches
  • Apache support
    • Application configuration per customer requirements
    • Add new domain(s)
  • PHP support
    • Application configuration per customer requirements
    • Install modules (i.e. Zend and Ioncube)
  • Mysql support
    • Create databases
    • Create users
    • Change passwords
    • Tune to match site size requirements
    • Test Restores
  • Create FTP accounts
  • Backup configuration, maintenance, and monitoring (back-up storage includes additional service fee)
  • Backup restore in event of hard drive failure
  • DNS hosting, configuration, and maintenance
  • Server Level Add-ons
    • Install plugins (i.e. Curl and Imagemagick)
    • Special case installations as requested
  • Server resource monitoring (i.e. http, disk space, cpu usage, load average, RAID failures, database integrity, and misc. application processes)
  • Network Based Security
  • On-Demand Security & Health Assessment (per request)


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