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Network IP Addresses & Hostnames

To get your network client software properly configured, you will most likely need the following information about our network.

Primary Name Server
IPv6: 2606:c680:0:9:3464:64ff:fe65:3061
Secondary Name Server
Primary Shared Name Server *
Secondary Shared Name Server *
SMTP Server ** mail.<your_domain>
POP and IMAP Server mail.<your_domain>
UNIX Shell Account Server shell.<your_domain>

* Shared Name Servers are integrated with the Silicon Valley Web Hosting Shared Server Control Panel and using these Name Servers for your hosted Domains will allow for total contol over A, CNAME, TXT, MX and all other Domain Name Records via the integrated Advanced DNS Zone Editor AND Simple DNS Zone Editor.
** Please note that Silicon Valley Web Hosting filters unsolicited email by blocking access to our SMTP server to those outside our network wishing to use it for relay purposes. If you are connecting to the internet via another ISP you will need to use their SMTP server for outgoing mail.

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