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Why Choose GlobalSign?

Industry Experience like no other SSL Provider

GlobalSign was established over 10 years ago as one of the world’s first CA and SSL providers. With an initial focus in Europe, GlobalSign soon expanded its operations to serve a worldwide customer base. Throughout its years, a number of increasingly prestige companies have invested  in GlobalSign: Belgian Chambers, Ubizen, ING Bank and Vodafone - helping sculpt the global organization and industry leading technology GlobalSign customers and partners benefit from today.

In October 2006, GlobalSign was acquired by GMO Internet Group (TSE: 9449) from CyberTrust and welcomed on board a brand new Management Team comprising of some of the most experienced and respected talent in the digital certificate market - with senior staff responsible for establishing and operating a number of wide reaching Certification Authority services, including those from GeoTrust Europe, GeoTrust Japan,, CyberTrust and Comodo. GlobalSign is proud to announce it is now entering a new age of direction, innovation and customer focus.


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