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Web Hosting Services Overview

Silicon Valley Web Hosting offers several pricing options for meeting your budget requirements. Below are descriptions of the various types of web hosting products and services we offer.

Shared cPanel Web Hosting

Our Shared cPanel Web Hosting solutions are intended to meet the needs of customers that are looking for an entry level price point and want a fully managed solution with a cPanel control panel that provides an easy to use graphical user interface. Our cPanel Hosting servers are not overloaded with customers to the point where performance problems occur. We do charge a slight premium for this guarantee, but our customers see value in this approach. With a SVWH cPanel Shared Hosting plan you can experience peace of mind by knowing your website will perform well, you will receive excellent 24x7 technical support, and the operating system, hardware, and back-ups will be fully managed for you.

Linux and Windows Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Through the technology of virtualization, you can now host your site in a secure and private environment with sole access to the operating system and all software at a low price point. You get all of the features found on a dedicated server, with the lower cost associated with a shared hosting environment. We offer Virtual Private Server packages that start at as low as $9.95/month.

SVWH Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans allow you to take advantage of the benefits of virtual computing. You can compile your own software and you get all of the features found on a dedicated server, all with the lower cost associated with a typical shared environment, and the flexibility of having the option to cancel at any time. A major benefit that comes with using our VPS hosting services is flexibility. It enables you to cost effectively extend your dedicated server infrastructure into the virtual cloud for short periods of time to support your immediate business demands. Some companies suffer at times from the Digg or Slashdot effect, which is where their website becomes inundated with millions of requests due to almost instant popularity on the Internet of a new product, service, press release, news article, video, or special offer. Our VPS virtualized computing offering allows you to expand within minutes into a virtual environment to support the sudden increase in traffic, and then you can cancel the extra service at any time if the traffic subsides or your dedicated infrastructure has been expanded to support the new level of traffic

With Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting you get:

  • More Control: Each VPS has its own independent operating system with its own web server, mail server, and independent software. You can choose from operating systems such as: Windows Server 2003/2008, CentOS, Debian, FedoraCore, Ubuntu, Gentoo or Red Hat Enterprise. Virtualization allows for greater control than you can get with a standard shared hosting plan, while offering significant cost savings over a dedicated server. Once the VPS is configured, there is very little functional difference between it and a full dedicated server.
  • Secure: Because of advanced virtualization technology, VPS Hosting offers increased security over a traditional shared plan. Even though you are sharing server resources, you are guaranteed specific amounts of the servers resources, and do not share the same file system as other users. With an isolated virtual environment, any security breach on the server is restricted to that user’s specific file system. This means your site will be safe from back-door attacks. 
  • Optional VPS Management Service: Get all of the benefits included with the SVWH Fully Managed Server package for Dedicated servers, for half the price. When your company needs to focus on it’s core business activities, our Managed Linux or Windows Service Packages allow you the freedom to work on increasing your organizations revenue without the added worry of monitoring and maintaining your virtual private server. Silicon Valley Web Hosting’s managed solutions offer you complete administrative control over your content, while our experienced technical services team monitors and manages the hardware, Internet access, operating system, Apache, Php, Mysql, and overall server security.

Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers and Managed Hosting

Dedicated servers are well suited for organizations that do not want to share computing resources with another organization and want the highest performance available.
Having your own dedicated server is important if you need:

  • Access to large amounts of storage space
  • Redundant hard drives for redundancy or backup management
  • High traffic capacity
  • Ability to load and manage your own complex applications
  • Root Access for maximum control and security

Companies that would prefer a Managed Dedicated Hosting solution, should check our Fully Managed Hosting option.

Managed Virtual Dedicated, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting Features

100% Uptime Guarantee X   Server Side Includes (SSI) X
24x7x365 Support X   Access to Raw Log Files X
Domains Unlimited   FTP Account Access X
Subdomains Unlimited   Virtual FTP Server X
POP3 Accounts Unlimited   SMTP Server X
MySQL Databases Unlimited   Password Protected Directories X
FTP Accounts Unlimited   Managed DNS X
Web Site Stats X   JSP X
Access to log files X   Cron X
Self Backup / RestoreSSH/Telnet X   Curl X
Personal CGI Directory X   Image Magick X
CGI Script Library X   Streaming Video and Music X
PHP, Perl , Ruby on Rails X      


Email Services

Web Mail X   Mail Forward X
Email Alias X   IMAP X
Mailing List X   SMTP X
Catch All X      

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