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FirewallSilicon Valley Web Hosting's Firewall Protection Service provides enhanced security for your dedicated server. In the event that someone carries out an attack to gain unauthorized access, your server and applications will continue to run smoothly with the protection of a Firewall. You can purchase firewall protection from SVWH in two ways.

  • The Shared Firewall protection service can be chosen from the Dedicated Server options list when purchasing each server or can be purchased separately on this page for existing servers.
  • A Managed Dedicated Firewall can be purchased that is solely intended for your use. It can be more cost effective to purchase a Dedicated Firewall if you are intending to have firewall protection for several servers.

To learn more about our Firewall protection services click here.

To learn more about our High Availability Hosting Solutions click here.

Shared Firewalls

This is only for ordering a Managed Shared Firewall service to be added to existing server(s) hosted with Silicon Valley Web Hosting. If you are purchasing a new dedicated server, this Managed Shared Firewall service can be added as an option within the server order form.

Price listed is per server.

Monthly:  $35.00
Base Set-Up Fee:$35.00
Cisco Managed Dedicated Firewalls

This is only for ordering Dedicated Firewalls to used with existing or newly purchased server(s) hosted with Silicon Valley Web Hosting.

Monthly:  $60.00
Base Set-Up Fee:$149.00

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