Linux LACP Bonding to Increase Throughput and Availability

Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) is a method for creating ethernet port bonds, such that multiple network ports act and operate as a single logical port. There are a number of ways to create bonds, including statically configured “EtherChannels”. The problem with a static configuration though, is that if there’s a port failure, in this configuration you will continue to send some traffic into a blackhole. LACP periodically (either every 1 second or 30 seconds) sends control packets, which ensure that a port is passing traffic, and will be pulled out of the bond and failover traffic to remaining links.

Using OpenSSH Jump Hosts

What is a jump or bastion host? A bastion host is a machine specially locked down and fortified against internet based attacks that you can use to connect through to access machines that are only available on a backend or otherwise proctected (DMZ, etc) network.

Growing Your Disk On The Fly With Linux

One of the great benefits of virtualized infrastructure is no longer are we constrained by the physical limitations of hardware. Before where adding CPU, Memory, or Disk Space would have required a system to be taken down, virtualized infrastructure like our Virtual Cloud Servers allows for changes to disk or RAM at the touch of a button. Here we’ll show you how to utilize this to grow your Linux system’s disk on-the-fly all without ever taking your system down.

Setup Apache with PHP-FPM on Ubuntu

Setting up PHP-FPM allows for an easy way to provide for isolation of PHP running under different users. Previously, suPHP offered a way to do this, but has been unmaintained since 2013. suPHP suggests PHP-FPM as an alternative.

Create a Certificate Signing Request with OpenSSL

There are just a few simple steps to generate a Certificate Signing Requets you can pass off to your Certificate Authority of choice. After you’ve completed the steps in this guide, you’ll have a CSR ready to pass off to your Certificate Authority of choice.