The Silicon Valley Web Hosting network is built for two core principals:

  • High Performance
  • 100% Uptime

The Silicon Valley Web Hosting network is 100% Cisco powered.

Fully Redundant

Within our datacenter location, we run a full iBGP mesh between our collapsed Border & Core routers to our Top of Rack distribution switches operating as Layer 3 routers. Operating Layer 3 down to the rack allows us to benefit from active-active network links, and avoid common issues with spanning Layer 2 networks over a wide assortment of network devices.

BGP within our core network allows the network to scale massively and allow us the control we need to ensure that your servers are accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week, without fail.


Minute by minute monitoring of our network devices and network links ensures that we can proactively respond to issues that arise, before they become critical production traffic-effecting outages.

Our border routers are all equipped with redundant Supervisor Engines, offering 50-ms failover of the control plane in the event of a critical issue, and during this failover, the data plane experiences no outage, ensuring that 100% of packets are routed into and out of our network, no matter what failures may occur.


SVWH maintains peering relationships with some of the largest networks on the internet. We maintain geographically diverse peering with Cloudflare offering sub-ms latency for accessing API’s hosted behind Cloudflare or utilizing Cloudflare as your Web Application Firewall.

Our high performance network transfers data from your server out to our Internet providers in less than 1 ms, typically in under 0.5ms. When minimal latency counts, pick SVWH to ensure your company is receiving the highest performance possible.

Checkout our Network Looking Glass at to see our network routes and run sample traceroutes and pings to any destination worldwide.